Team 2016

Anetta Morozova

Anetta Anetta Morozova is a born musician. And you may indeed take this almost literally: being only three years old, the talent - born November 13, 1987 in Saint Petersburg - already practiced on the xylophone and sang. When she turned eight years old, another instrument came along - one, she is still intrigued with by now, and has meanwhile become an impressive professional on - the transverse flute. So it almost seems inevitable, Anetta found her way into her hometown's world-famous conservatory. Right from the cradle, Anetta Mozorova has been a thoroughbred professional.

A professional musician, composer, songwriter, singer and flutist, she plays and sings in such styles as pop, funk, jazz, rock, flute-beatbox, folk, house, worked a lot with many DJs. Music and composition is her real passion, she dedicates all her time for diverse music projects.

You can discover a little more Anetta through her website:



Here is an example of what the surprising mix of singing and flute can be: