Team 2016



Kiah's talents were discovered while she was still a young child when she was selected to join the company that produced the musical comedy “Children of the World”; the show created in honor of Michael Jackson. It was during this show that Kiah’s first big dream finally came true. She was chosen to meet her idol. She had the great pleasure of talking with him during a long and exciting meeting, at the end of which he started calling her “Angel”.

From this moment on, a real musical vocation was born in “Kiah”! She only had one idea in her head, her, the young “Frenchy”, to become the future star singer who would make the whole world dance with her music. Kiah chose to become a singer and threw herself headlong into this path. The young lady will fulfill her

American dream by moving to L.A. Support her on her Facebook page :

Discover her during her audition for WCOPA 2013 :


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