Team 2014

Delphine Frich Langlois

Dancing its more than a passion, so the only way I could explain what this passion of mine is, will be to simply say it’s as we French call it “la joie de vivre” and that’s how I feel on every moment I’m one with the melody the sound and the music. Thank you, thank you all for helping me be one with my “joie de vivre”.

When I was 5 years old I use to dance and believe as if my room was my own theater and I had my own play, I used to dream to become a popular star. I’m participating in the WCOPA to be the best and win, but above all to get a chance to go to the biggest dance school and hopefully one day become a leading dancer.

Our beloved Delphine who hides her colorful character
behind her sweetness and strong will.
We will always follow you until you accomplish
all your dreams and goals.
Mom and Dad