General Rules

Guidelines For An Official Contestant

An official contestant must be a citizen or resident in good standing of the country represented, may be an amateur or professional, must have been qualified and invited, and must comply with the rules and regulations established by the World Championships of Performing Arts. An “Official Contestant’s Handbook” is provided to each contestant describing details of and codes for the global competition.

Categories of Competition

There are six (6) categories of competition for Juniors (ages 5 to 15): dancing, singing, modeling, acting, instrumentals, and variety arts.

JUNIOR AGE GROUPS: (1) 5 to 7 (2) 8 to 10 (3) 11 to 12 (4) 13 to 15

The six (6) categories for Senior competition (ages 16 and over) are: dancing, singing, modeling, acting, instrumentals, and variety arts.

SENIOR AGE GROUPS: (1) 16 to 17 (2) 18 to 24 (3) 25 to 29 (4) 30 Plus

The Competition Events


  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Clogging
  • Song & Dance
  • Acro/Gymnastic
  • Lyrical
  • Ethnic/Folkloric
  • Hip Hop/Funk
  • Open
  • Musical Theater/Character
  • Ballroom [Tango, Salsa, Freestyle, Swing and Waltz]
  • (Production Line
    * Maximum of 5 events allowed


  • Gospel
  • Country
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Contemporary
  • R&B/Jazz
  • Opera
  • Variety
  • Broadway/Musical
  • Original
  • Rap
  • Latin
  • World Music
  • Open
    * Vocal with self-accompaniment – all 14 styles
    * Maximum of 5 events allowed


  • Runway [Casual]
  • Swimwear
  • Formal
  • Spokesmodel
  • Photo
    * Petite and Plus Sizes, ages 16 and up – all styles


  • Contemporary
  • Classical
  • Drama
  • Comical
  • Open
    * Solo ONLY


  • Original Works
  • Classical
  • Contemporary
  • Open
    * Solo or Group


  • Act with assistance
  • Act without assistance
  • Three and under props
  • Over four props (Jugglers, Magicians, Baton Twirlers, etc.)
    * This category is for talent other than that listed above

Overall Judging Criteria

Special emphasis will be placed on the entertainment and marketing value during judging. This in no way takes away fr om the technical aspect of the performances. Judges are looking for that special charisma and stage presence that top entertainers have... and who is marketable? Keep in mind as important as it is to have your performance technically correct, it is even more important to keep it entertaining. Contestant may only enter a style in a category once. Open Categories may be used for second performance of the same style.

Music Rules

All music must be "compact disc". CDs are required to insure the quality of the competitions and final show. Each performance must be on a separate CD. Each CD must have a label with contestants (or group's) name, event, style, and age division. Example: John Doe, Dance, Jazz and 16-17 years. Please bring at least two (2) back-up CDs for each performance. Completed music clearance forms are required. Original music is always encouraged for all styles, categories and competitions in which music is used. A separate vocal category is included: VOCAL SELF-ACCOMPANIMENT (piano, guitar, etc.) and includes all 14 styles.

Time Limits

The time limit for all performances is sixty (60) seconds. All rounds and the finals are sixty (60) seconds. A 25% deduction will be taken for any performance going over the time limit. Time will begin when the music starts and will stop when the music stops. Remember, you may go under the time lim it but not over!

Performance Prompting

Parents, family, friends, agents, hairdressers, dressers, teachers or make-up artist are not allowed behind the stage before or during competitions.

How is Age Calculated?

The age of the contestant on the first day of the month in which the world event occurs determines the age category of competition. For duets, trios, quartets, choirs, groups and production numbers, it is calculated by age averaging. Every member’s age as of the first day is added together then divided by the number of members in the group. If the average age of a group ends in 0.5 or higher, then it is rounded up to the next higher age.

What is the Prize?

Like the Olympics, the IMPORTANT PRIZE is also the “GOLD”, symbolizing excellence! However, the invaluable experiences, training and networking opportunities are the real “prizes” which every contestant receives! As well as winners being presented with a “Gold Medal” in every event category, style and age group at both the Junior and Senior World Championships, there are specific Overall Champions (individuals and groups) in:


  • 5 – 10 years
  • 11 – 15 years


  • 16 – 24 years
  • 25 years and over

A total of $120,000 in scholarships are awarded. The “Showcase finals” award Grand Champions in the various categories of competition with the ultimate coveted titles being “Junior” and “Senior” Grand Champion Performer of the World!